Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Witch's graph

This is a beaufort scale and it is very helpful when trying to determine how strong waves are! The scale tells you how strong a wave is and how it is rated according to the scale.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Witch's Research Questions!

What is the term for Gale Force Winds?

A gale force wind is one of the strongest winds in the world. The Government's National Weather Service determines that a Gale Force Wind is as strong as 34-47 knots which is about 47-67 MPH. Sometimes when there are winds expected to be strong the weather man issues a Gale Force warning. Mostly issued when there is a strong hurricane coming through.A Gale Force Warning is sometimes issued when a Beaufort scale is to an 8-9. Its is also called a fresh Gale.

What is a Beaufort Wind Scale?

A Beaufort Wind Scale is a measure of wind speed mostly observed on sea conditions. The Beaufort Scale has different measures of force from 0-12. 0 being the least destructive and 12 being the most destructive. It is mostly used when there is a destructive cyclone. The scale was extended in 1946 to a force of 13-17 but it is only used in Taiwan and Mainland China. Today hurricane forces are now described as Beaufort scale force 12-16. In the U.S a force of about 8-9 usually brings in about a Gale Warning.

How is a Wind
mill an example of wind energy?
A windmill is a group of wind turbines and it uses wind as energy to power it if there is not enough electricity to power itself. Mostly farms have it because they don't have many electricity hook-ups so they use the wind as an electricity substitute. Wind farms that have windmills use it to power large buildings and facilities that do not have electricity around it. Windmills can also be helpful when plowing crops and the sprinklers have benefit from the wind mills also. They also provide energy to saw mills, paper mills, hammer mills and wind pumps!

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